Kathleen McBride - Certified Rolfer
Kathleen McBride - Certified Rolfer




Serving Boerne, San Antonio
and the Texas Hill Country

(210) 317-4242

Kathleen McBride - Certified Rolfer

Contact Kathleen...

To schedule an session
call or text me at:
210-317-4242 or
Or email me

920 E. Blanco, Boerne, TX  78006

I charge $135 per session which lasts between 1 and 1 ¼ hour each.  The first session will usually last a little longer and include a background and health history consultation. 

Seniors 70 and up receive a $15/per session discount.

Children 13-17 receive a $10/per session discount with appointments lasting just under an hour.
Children  7-12 receive a $30/per session discount with appointment lasting about 45 minutes.
Children under 7 please call.  These ages usually change so readily that fairly limited sessions are all that are necessary.

Note on Children:  The younger the child, the less that is usually needed to affect the change we want to see to help them feel better, so if you choose to do the ‘series’ for your child then we may find that fewer sessions are necessary to complete the overall goals of balance and ease for them.

Please give 24 hours notice of cancellation or change of your scheduled appointment.

Kathleen McBride - Certified Rolfer
So...What is Rolfing?

"Trying to describe Rolfing is like trying to describe chocolate. You just have to try it."

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Kathleen McBride - Certified Rolfer
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