Kathleen McBride - Certified Rolfer
Kathleen McBride - Certified Rolfer




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Kathleen McBride - Certified Rolfer

About Kathleen...

Kathleen McBride, Rolfer to many, Mom to Chloe, daughter to Leola and Jim, and sister to Marilynn, Sharon and Joanie has been Rolfing® since 1992 and is a graduate and member of the Rolf Institute

“I became Rolfer after experiencing the healing effects it held for me in relation to a running injury while training for a marathon in the 1980’s.  What started out as “Please fix my feet!” turned into “Wow!  I thought that pain was just because I was getting older” ….and my Rolfer fixed that too!  --- I was 30 years old at the time! LOL!  A short time later I left the telecommunications profession to return to school and become a Certified Rolfer…A decision I still relish today. I had always been interested in health and was in the process of looking for a health oriented career path when I stumbled onto Rolfing….the rest is a wonderful and fulfilling history.

After starting my practice in the Clear Lake City / Houston area of Texas in 1992, I headed west to the Texas Hill Country and now reside with my daughter in Boerne, Texas which is northwest of San Antonio. My Boerne office is convenient to Boerne (of course), North Central, Northwest and West San Antonio, and the Texas Hill Country.

Rolfing continues to be a rich part of my life.  I know that I make a positive difference in so many lives.  I believe in the healing power of self, and it fulfills my life to know that I can be a part of a people finding and/or restoring balance, focus, and ease to their lives.”

As a creative outlet Kathleen also uses the gravity that assists her in facilitating balance in the human body, to shape/sculpt glass as a warm and hot Glass Artist.  There is a structure, a malleability and an unpredictability in both the human body and in hot glass.  Kathleen is challenged and enriched by the potential she sees in both.  “They can both be intense, they are both fascinating….They are ALWAYS delicious!”

Kathleen McBride - Certified Rolfer
So...What is Rolfing?

"Trying to describe Rolfing is like trying to describe chocolate. You just have to try it."

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Kathleen McBride - Certified Rolfer
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